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Green Chemistry for Innovative Solutions






ChemTec, a new chemical company with more than 50 years of experience, is the leading pioneer in functional & green chemistry solutions for the liquid recycling market.  With offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, ChemTec is a niche producer of specialty chemicals.  Markets we service include: the oilfield sector, waste oil recycling, waste water treatment and industrial fluids.  In order to keep costs down for our clients we practice local blending, warehousing and JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing and delivery to meet any client’s needs.  ChemTec provides a superior product and has the staff to support all of your needs. 



Functional in your liquids, friendly for the environment.


ChemTec is driven by our customer needs and the necessity to do so in a durable way.  Therefore we have innovative technical expertise and a laboratory support system to help our customers deal with their unique oil and water related problems. We evaluate representative samples onsite and recommend solutions. For more complex problems samples are sent to ChemTec for analysis. Following are some additional services offered by ChemTec :


  • Effluent Water Treatment

  • Tank and Filtration Design

  • Chemical Management

  • Waste Disposal Consulting

  • New Product Development

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